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Admissions Essay for GMU:


Each day I awake to the static in my head. After I have my prerequisite cigarette I am able to slow the jumble of colors, pictures, and words that flash before my mindís eye. I can either let them come to me in free form or tailored to a specific medium. Those that donít fill me with an immediate inspiration are simply acknowledged or filed away for possible future use. Others pull at my soul to be released from the confines of my brain. The act of transforming the static into meaningful representations of what I perceive eases the tension. When an observer accurately grasps what I attempt to convey through my work, I am completely relieved of my stress.

In the past, I translated some of the more persistent colors and pictures into graphic art. The results were beautiful, but devoid of any intrinsic meaning. I tried writing poems and found myself somewhat limited by the rules I imposed on them. Writing prose provided me with a less restrictive and less ambiguous way of expressing myself. Now I am only inhibited by my lack of writing experience. With increased exposure to writing techniques I hope to make the transition from static to meaningful representation a less arduous process. With that accomplished, Iíd like to make becoming a writer my career focus.