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Age Of The Romantic Hero:


The whispering wind through the tress doth blow
Leading to a fair lady sitting beside her beau
A handsome knight rested, kneeled
To the woman reflected in his shield

He pledged his love so pure
Stating that all his life he had loved only her
"But alas, my king needs me to battle in another land."
The lady removed her handkerchief and placed it in his hand

The knight rose prompt and proud
And donned his cloak like a burial shroud
"I'll wait for you my love," said she
And began to mourn internally

He mounted his horse
And began his ardent course
She turned her head so as not to cry
But a single tear escaped from her eye

After several days of riding
The knight arrived at the scene of the fighting
The sound of swords clanged like a bell
And all around him heroes fell

He unsheathed his sword and drew it high
Took a deep breath and released a sigh
With vigor and valor he fought
Killing foes like a good hero ought

All around him blood was shed
So much so the ground was red
His adversaries lay broken on the ground
In blood their bodies drowned

His kingdom was victorious
And the celebration following was glorious
He returned to his homeland
To beseech his lover's hand

He found her waiting
Greatly anticipating
To have him home from the war
And to hear his tale of gore

He gasped at her sight
Because she looked very beautiful that night
He immediately bent on one knee
And asked her "Will you marry me?"

"A battle could not keep me away from you
So my answer to you is 'I do'."
She submitted to her love's captor
Happily they lived ever after