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Aliens, Aliens, Aliens!:


Little green men
Probably from Mars
Came down from their home amongst the stars
To come research our race

They grabbed some humans off the earth
Studied our bodies, sex, and birth
What they had found was unique to what they had known
So back home to report they had flown

Many times since they have been back
With contemplations of an attack
Some may have even tried
Which the American government has denied

Even though evidence points true
If we could believe it, what could we do?
Most of us lack the desire
To know there are other empires

Throughout the galaxy so vast
So long as we fear the apathy will last
Has our sense of discovery diminished?
Are our dreams of new worlds finished?

Only time will tell
And man's mind will cast the spell
As we rapidly kill this earth
If on other planets will be our rebirth